Simple Labs Website Re-Design

This weekend I updated the Simple Labs website with a fresh design / UX.

As part of this effort, I created a video to illustrate the over-arching vision (also needed something for the video background in the design).

Spent a lot of time finding the right content, audio, and ended up doing the voiceover myself (Zoom H2N Microphone).

The script took a while to get right, I probably edited it 100 times. Sometimes small words would throw off the flow, so lots of tinkering there.

In general, the site is fully responsive built with Bootstrap 3 (html / css).

The base assets were from DesignModo’s ‘bootstrap startup framework’ ($150) – A little expensive, but I plan on using these assets for multiple sites so it wasn’t that bad.


If you have any questions / comments / feedback – I’d love to hear :)


– J