How to Survive Using Only Bitcoins

Okay, so you’re being investigated by the FBI or NSA or ATF and need to drop everything, time to disappear.

They freeze all your assets, you can’t do anything – fully screwed.

All you have are your bitcoins and the clothes on your back, what are you supposed to do?

First, you need to figure out food & shelter – wherever it is you are.

For that you’ll need to find a computer that you can use for free (friend, library, hotel lobby), and go to

I’ll use myself as a use-case to show examples of what things you can find on coinmap (and other sites like it).

For shelter it looks like there are two good options that accept BTC – &

Sweet, a roof over my head – settled.

By now I’m probably starving because I haven’t eaten all day. There are a bunch of restaurants that accept bitcoin, like, but I’m supposed to be off the grid so I don’t want to be seen out in public.

A few blocks away there’s a pretty cool “pizza for btc” website that delivers –, I’d probably do that.

After a few days of motel life & pizza, I’d definitely go crazy.

It would probably be best to just get out of LA and go somewhere where I really can’t be found.

With a few minutes of googling, it looks like these are my two best options for buying airplane tickets using BTC: &

The question is, where to?


France? Yeah, why not. French Riviera? Yeahhh, I’m with it.


So, where am I going to live? Easy, – love the design, the location is perfection, and they accept btc & ltc. Done.

Now that I’m chilling hard in the French Rivera, it’s time to build an empire.

In order to function, I need a computer of my own – has a few.

I’ll also want to browse the internet w/ extreme privacy, meaning I’ll need proxies or a VPN. is perfect for that.

Once I have my computer I’d want to have the ability to securely buy domains & host websites. These guys have relatively good prices –

At this point I pretty much have everything I need &  more.

If I were so inclined to upgrade with a yacht, sports car, jet or private island, I’d head over to It’s basically a luxury marketplace where already rich people accept BTC for their ultra-luxuries.

That’s pretty much it, I’m not sure what else you would need to “survive”.

To check out a great list of where your can spend your Bitcoin, head over to:

To buy Bitcoin, the simplest way is CoinBase:

– J