We Broke the Water Shutoff Valve – [Part 3]

So today we broke the water shut-off valve – turns out we’re not supposed to do that ourselves, the city is supposed to turn it off for us.

We had a plumber come out to help us turn off the main water line and add a spout on-site for water during the construction process.

If you use too much force you can break off the top of the valve, making it impossible to turn off the water.

Had to call the city to bring their team out, then shut it off for us and replace the valve.

I also learned that since we’re building a 2 story house over 2,000 sqft – if we have sprinklers we’ll likely need to upgrade from a 3/4 inch water meter, to a 1 inch water meter, which is a small upgrade typically costing $500. If we wanted to go above 1 inch they would need to open up the street and that would cost around $30,000+ , so thats good that we only need the small upgrade.

Also learned that we can move the location of the water valve a few feet so its not in the driveway, and the city will do that for free once we’re at that part of construction.