What is Curate.Wiki?

Curate.Wiki was built because of a need I had myself. I read a lot of content on the internet, and I also find some really great articles, videos, and links that have a wealth of knowledge and I want to share them with my friends. My friends know that I’m good at this and they always want me to send them articles if I find something really interesting. The problem is I don’t have the time or ability to keep sharing interesting articles one by one with all of my friends, so I needed a centralized place where I could put the interesting news, videos, articles that I found, and my friends could go to that place to see or get notified when there was something on the internet that I found interesting enough to share.

Then I realized that everyone has a different niche that they are an expert in, and their entire internet is curated around the best content for that subject. My friend who is a trainer probably has all the new interesting workout and nutrition information, but I never see that because my internet isn’t curated towards that stuff. I would love to see the top curated links, articles, and videos that he sees too. If he reads an article on nutrition that he thinks is great, I probably would want to read it too. He reads 100’s of articles, and maybe 1-2 actually make an impact. Thats the type of filtered content that I would love to have sent to me. There’s too much stuff on the internet already, i need my friends who enjoy reading all of it, curate it, and share the best ones with me.

Thats where Curate.Wiki was born – there’s not really a place on the internet today where you can curate and share the content other people have created, that you found interesting. Instead of having to manually send these interesting pieces of content to friends one by one, you can put it in one place, and they can all choose to view it there.

This allows your friends to share what they’re seeing thats impactful, and it allows you to get curated content from the people you trust.


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