New House Construction [Part 1] – Intro

In this series I’m going to bring you along with me as I build my first house from the ground up.

This is mostly going to be a series outlining the problems faced during each step rather than when we do something correctly, as that’s pretty standard.

Everyone knows how framing works, but not everyone knows the little quirks, problems, and tricks learned / experienced along the way.

These edge-cases are what I find most interesting about the construction process, so those are the types of things i’m going to share in this series of blog posts.

To preface this series of post – we’ve just finished a 2 year+ process of getting permits from the City of West Hollywood.


In 2018 I purchased this property for $1.3m from money I made being an early adopter in Bitcoin / Crypto.

I did a quick renovation painting the walls and sanding / staining the floors – and rented the property out for 6 months.

Then decided to move into the property myself and that lasted for about 1.5 years – 2 years while we were getting the permits.

Once we got close to finalizing the permits, I moved out and the property sat vacant for a while as the permitting process kept going on for more and more time.

Now we’re at the tail end of the permitting process, with all plans approved through the plan checker, and the only thing left is making payments to the city and then getting the final stamp.

Hope you enjoy following this journey, it should be fun!

– J

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