Excavator Came Before Permits – Waste of Money [Part 4]

We scheduled an excavator on the 17th expecting the city to approve our permits by at least the 29th, and the permits are still not approved.

We were told that there was one pending payment, but the issue is the city wont tell us WHAT that pending payment is for. It’s taken two weeks to get a response regarding what we need to actually pay. We have money in the account ready to go, but the city takes forever to respond to even the smallest request, so its extremely frustrating, especially because we’re paying them money to do this work and communicate with us the next steps.

The problem with this delay is two-fold — #1 is that the excavator costs $800 / day so having it sit on site unused is a waste of money, but more importantly the problem is that these excavators are hard to get onto your job site. They are booked up every day, and you have to schedule them out well in advanced, sometimes up to two weeks.

So we finally got the machine on site after waiting two weeks, only to have to send it back because we werent ready to use it. Now once the permits are approved, we’ll have to wait another two weeks just to get the machine back on-site.

– J