Changes to Allow for More Content Creation! [Unfinished Essays / Musings]

So, time for me is becoming something I have less and less of. I have lots of thoughts that I write down, but I dont have time to polish them into cohesive essays. In order to keep producing content, i’m going to post the raw musings as blog posts instead of waiting until I finish them as well thought out essays.
These are just my thoughts, me talking to myself and writing the ideas down. Hopefully this sparks new ideas, or can be looked back on in the future to see the seed of some idea that later gets fleshed out and turned into a business, essay, whitepaper or video.
If i allow myself to post un-finished things to my blog, then i will be able to create more content instead of having a pending thing on my to-do list which eventually never gets done.
These will be marked [musings] instead of [essays] to denote that its a collection of thoughts and research that has not gone through the polish of becoming an essay.
– J

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