– Search, Share & Save Your Reddit


A quick side project I created because I desperately needed it myself.

I use Reddit every day to save TONS of content, and the idea started as a way to create a hard-copy backup of my saved folder.

If I forgot my password or got hacked, it would feel like losing all the contacts in my phone – I’d have to start over.

As I began to dig deeper, I realized that Reddit didn’t have the ability to search through your saved & upvoted content. I’ve been on reddit for 4+ years, so theres a lot of content that been buried with no easy way to pull it back up.

I may remember that I saved a cool article about “bitcoin”, but if I saved in 2 years ago I’d need to manually go through all 100+ pages and find where it is.

Finally, I thought it would be cool to allow  friends to view & search through my saved folder, as I’ve collected a ton of interesting content and I’m sure other people have too.

You can check out and search my reddit saved folder here:

You can create your own public page for free, here (sign in w/ your reddit account details):


– J