A Guide to the Most Powerful Website on the Internet

Reddit is an amazing website for an infinite number of reasons, but it’s biggest impact (for me) was that it significantly increased the amount of information I was exposed to per day which in turn enabled me to consume information & learn at a much faster rate than before.

When using Reddit correctly, it’s like your own custom newspaper, where the content is created and curated by the people – and the subjects are hand picked by me.

This is a quick guide to help you dive right in and get started using the most powerful and useful tool on the internet: Reddit


Getting Started:

Step 1: Get RES for your browser: http://redditenhancementsuite.com/

Step 2: Create an account: http://www.reddit.com/

Step 3: Subscribe to Sub-reddits:

By subscribing to subreddits, you’re bascially saying you want that stuff to come up on your homepage. Once you’re done subscribing to all the places you’d like, they’ll all combine and show on your homepage based on ranking.


Read the comments on the posts you find interesting. The comments are what make the reddit community great – there is a ton of great insight and info shared through the comments section.


My Top Sub-Reddit List:


















http://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/ (it’s not porn)

http://www.reddit.com/r/spaceporn/ (this either)

Thought Provoking:
















Above is my personal list of saved Subreddits – however there quite a few more.

Here are some other lists that IamduckybryanwithY, and coconutwater have compiled and shared on Reddit (with descriptions):



  • /r/TheBestOfAmazon – The best items off of amazon, pretty addictive.
  • /r/BuyItForLife – Dedicated to products that pretty much last for life, or are very durable.
  • /r/explainlikeIAmA – Redditors explaining certain situations, in a requested AMA form (e.g. Explain Christmas like AMA caveman)
  • /r/WhatsInThisThing – Safes being unlocked! Among other things..
  • /r/JusticePorn – Good guys winning every time. Robbers getting caught, bullies getting beat up, etc. Not as good as it used to be.
  • /r/EatCheapAndHealthy – Very cheap, and healthy recipes. A lot of good stuff in here.
  • /r/FiftyFifty – Take your gamble, 50/50 odds on what the post will be.
  • /r/KickassMallCop – If you’re a fan of this guy, and hate looking around through many websites to find his new videos, then this is good.
  • /r/EarthPorn – The earth is beautiful, check out all the pictures that is has to offer!
  • /r/Frugal – Tips on living life without spending a lot of money.
  • /r/nottheonion – It must be onion news right!? Sadly it’s not, all of these stories are REAL.
  • /r/MensOnlineStylist – Created by two girls to help guys find stylish clothing.
  • /r/mildlyinteresting – Content that’s interesting, but not necessarily front page of reddit material. A lot of odd happenings here.
  • /r/ClothingDeals – If you shop for clothes online and like saving money, this is a must have.
  • /r/woahdude – The best links to view while you’re “glazed” 😉
  • /r/Freebies – Free stuff online! Everyone loves free stuff.
  • /r/FoodHacks – Foodhacks! Easy, entire recipe pictorials on imgur. They are quite entertaining sometimes.
  • /r/ThriftStoreHauls – A place to post your hauls and treasures that you found at a thrift places. The sub is for garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. There have been some insane findings posted here.
  • /r/PhotoshopBattles – Photoshop battles, formatted in a way where each thread is a raw photo, and every comment in the thread are photoshop renditions of OP.
  • /r/AffiliateNetworks – A subreddit I made for website owners who are looking for new affiliate networks to put on their site. Or a good resource for anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing, and start making money online.
  • /r/ImSavingUpForThis – Post and view items/services that you’ve been saving up money for. Tons of unique and cool stuff.


  • /r/AskCulinary: Food questions. Food answers.
  • /r/AskEngineers: Anything goes style questions, always interesting and informative.
  • /r/AskHistorians: Questions I never would have thought to ask but love to read.
  • /r/Ask_Politics: Decent political discussion? On my Reddit???
  • /r/askscience: It’s big, but it’s well moderated, and that maintains it as an awesome and informative subreddit that is really active.
  • /r/AskSocialScience: Everything from economics to psychology. A personal favorite because I am an econ junkie.
  • /r/cerebral: Basically this question, but subreddit form. I really like this one. I wish it were more active; I got several of these subreddits from it.
  • /r/culturalstudies: In-depth study of the academic field of cultural studies.
  • /r/dataisbeautiful: Easy to understand and interesting visual information. Quick and easy, still informative.
  • /r/DepthHub: What I wish bestof was. Good discussion found on reddit.
  • /r/designthought: Kind of niche, but if you are at all interested in design, it’s a really great subreddit
  • /r/documentaries: I love documentaries, this subreddit often provides links to free ones.
  • /r/BehavioralEconomics: Studies such as why does sex sell? How does knowing a foreign language reduce bias? Why do we buy what we buy as a society?
  • /r/foodforthought: What I wish the front page was. Full of really insightful and interesting articles.
  • /r/Frisson: Things that give you a shudder of emotion. Hard to explain, but check it out.
  • /r/Futurology: Usually not academic, but an interesting look into the future nonetheless. Oh, and no memes.
  • /r/GreatPodcasts: Podcasts are like reading for the ears, but are sometimes hard to find. This subreddit fixes that problem.
  • /r/indepthstories: Exactly what it sounds like. Articles and stories from all over.
  • /r/Infographics: Full of interesting and well-designed infographics. An easy way to learn something new.
  • /r/learnprogramming: Hard to find a more practical skill than programming.
  • /r/linguistics: Self-explanatory. The scientific study of human language. More interesting than it sounds.
  • /r/logophilia: Fun words, mostly. Sort of fluffy, but you can still learn something and increase your vocabulary.
  • /r/PropagandaPosters: Propaganda enthusiasts, provides interesting historical and sociological insight.
  • /r/thatsneat: If you like RSA animate or TED talks, try this subreddit. Understand new concepts in an engaging manner.


If you’ve reached the bottom of this post and aren’t already addicted to reddit, you cheated. Go check out some interesting subreddits and I’ll see you in a few days.

– J