Bridge – A Connected Future of Smart Things

In the future, everything will be a “smart thing” – everything will collect data, from your shoes to your shirt to your contact lenses.

This data will be used for analysis, and also to greatly improve & optimize your life.

Bridge is a concept which at its core would reduce the cost & time for hardware manufacturers to integrate “smart things” into their existing & upcoming products.

The idea is that a person would carry with them a small “bridge” – this bridge is a piece of hardware full of sensors, constantly collecting data.

Through the Bridge API, any 3rd party hardware can talk to your bridge, and if you allow it access, can use some of the sensory information to enhance your user experience.

Now, hardware developer don’t need to worry about which sensors to integrate, the cost, re-manufacturing, etc.

All they need to do is integrate a wifi or bluetooth LE sensor, and they can instantly connect to bridges vast array of sensory data simply by writing a few lines of code.

There are definitely companies out there working on solving this problem, like Estimote, but I’m not sure any have come up with this exact solution.

If you’d like to build this – Contact Me.

– J