How To Create a Viral Startup Demo Video

This is a collection of all the links and places you’ll need to know about to create a kick ass demo video for your startup. I’ve made a few demo videos – around 2 per startup that I’ve founded. They usually cost around $750.

(2009) GoDonor Video:

(2011) RoomBounce Video #1:

(2012) RoomBounce Video #2:

When creating a demo video, the first thing you’ll need to do is write a script / storyboard. This is a basic walkthrough (with pictures/ drawings) of each “scene” – what words are being said by the Voice Over artist and what animation / action is happening along side those words.

To find a voice over artist, visit:

Next you’ll need some background music for your video, or else it will sound dull. You’ll need to buy a license for this “jingle”, one of my favorite sites is:

Next, you’ll need to decide who / how you want your video to be made.

There are a bunch of “DIY” options, however a lot of them aren’t very good. The one I would recommend trying is:

Your best option is to hire an editor / creator. You can do a contest, which seems to work pretty well:



If you have some money to invest in your video , definitely check out some of the bigger players in the startup video game – they’ll definitely deliver an awesome end video.







Good Luck! If you have any other links let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the post!

– J