Cubits – The Peoples Cryptocurrency

I was recently recruited to do a brand overhaul for an alternative cryptocurrency called Cubits. This includes brand, vision, messaging, marketing, new website, etc.

Cubits are a SHA 256d Proof of Work + Proof of Stake altcoin with a total of 42 million coins.

Miners earn 150 coins per block, halving every 64,000 blocks.

Block Explorer:

Block Crawler:





As with most altcoins, branding + marketing play a huge role in it’s adoption and success. The technology varies a little from coin to coin, but largely the community and vision behind a coin are the best indicators of future value.

Logo Before:











New Logo:






We also created a new website for Cubits as they  previously had no web presence:































Cubits will be trading publically very soon – launching first with the Sci-Fi exchange, BitBay, and possibly Cryptsy.

If you’d like 100 free Cubits share this post with someone and shoot me a message.

– J