Timeline – Record Your Life

Over the last few years I’ve definitely grown a lot.

In my search to understand myself better and ultimately optimize, I’ve built several tools / apps to facilitate this process.

The next app in this optimization series is called Timeline.

The idea started as a website called captainslog.voyage – a concept I had based off Star Trek.

At the end of each episode, Picard would record the daily happenings in his Captains Log.

I built Captains Log as a web application, but the tech wasn’t where I wanted it to be. It didn’t work on some browsers, and didn’t work on mobile, which really killed the usefulness of experience.

I would get daily emails to record my video, but I found myself skipping them regularly, which kind of defeated the purpose.

So taking the same concept, we have an iOS app – Timeline.

I thought it would be amazing if I had an archive of daily videos from when I was 15 years old until now.

Like a modern day journal – but with video instead of writing, & daily reminders built in.

I think having a tool like this where you can record and reflect on the things that happen in your life is extremely valuable.

Many times you’ll think something is horrible, but it ends up leading you down a path to unimaginable success. Or, the opposite.

I want to watch myself evolve as a human.

And maybe in 20 years, if I take 60 seconds out of every day to record a short video, I’ll have an archive of my life that I can show my kids and others can use to learn from my mistakes.

It’s a simple app – hope you like it!

Website: http://timeline.social

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/timeline-video-journal/id934222900?ls=1&mt=8

– J